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Letras de canciones ordenadas alfabeticamente. En cada letra podrás ver también la biografía y discografía del interprete. Participa y escribe un comentario de tus letras preferidas.
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Keep Yourself Alive
/ Take off / I was told a million times / Of all the troubles in my way / Tried to grow a little wiser / Little better ev'ry...
| 1050 visitas | 0 comentarios
Keine Lust
/ Ich hab keine Lust / Ich hab keine Lust / Ich hab keine Lust / Ich hab keine Lust / Ich habe keine Lust mich nicht zu...
| 2222 visitas | 0 comentarios
Linkin Park
Keys To The Kingdom
No Control! No Surprise! / throw the Keys To The Kingdom down that hole in my eye / I'm my own casualty! I fuck up everything...
| 1123 visitas | 0 comentarios
Los Cafres
Kian control em
Kian control em / kian control em / FIRE / jam jam jam keep on jamming / jam jam jam keep on jamming / Kian control em / kian...
| 1349 visitas | 0 comentarios
/ Sometimes you kick / Sometimes you get kicked / Sometimes you kick / Come on come on come on come / I look around unsatisfied...
| 1633 visitas | 0 comentarios
Ashlee Simpson
Kicking And Screaming
/ Don't get me waiting / You disobeying / Treating me like a fool / I have news for you / I'm turning my back / I'm dropping a...
| 1282 visitas | 0 comentarios
Kid A
/ I slipped away / I slipped on a little white lie / We've got heads on sticks / You've got ventriloquists / We've got heads...
| 1726 visitas | 0 comentarios
Marilyn Manson
Kiddie Grinder (Remix)
/ I am the face of piss and shit and sugar / I do a crooked little dance with my funny little monkey / What I want, what...
| 1198 visitas | 0 comentarios
Kylie Minogue
/ Me no bubbletious / Me smoke heavy tar / Me be groovin' slowly where you are / Notify your next of kin / 'Cause you're...
| 932 visitas | 0 comentarios
The kids are playing in the sun / They think their life has just begun / For them it's just another day / Playing games all...
| 999 visitas | 0 comentarios
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