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Letras de canciones ordenadas alfabeticamente. En cada letra podrás ver también la biografía y discografía del interprete. Participa y escribe un comentario de tus letras preferidas.
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King Nothing
/ Wish I may, wish I might / Have this I wish tonight / Are you satisfied? / Dig for gold, dig for fame / You dig to make...
| 1153 visitas | 0 comentarios
Robbie Williams
King Of Bloke And Bird
Speak so loud / I cant hear what you say / Except for the occassional word / So fates a sentimental side / It bothers me...
| 912 visitas | 0 comentarios
King Of Comedy
/ Make your money with a suit and tie / Make your money with shrewd denial / Make your money expert advice, / If you can...
| 935 visitas | 0 comentarios
Robbie Williams
King Of The Bongo
Mama was queen of the mambo / Papa was king of the Congo / Deep down in the jungle / I started bangin' my first bongo / Every...
| 1126 visitas | 0 comentarios
Kings of Leon
King Of The Rodeo
He's so purity, a shaven and a mourner, / and standing on a Pigeon toe, in his dissarray / Straight in the picture pose, / he's...
| 1104 visitas | 0 comentarios
Bruce Springsteen
Kingdom Of Days
With you I don't hear the minutes ticking by / I don't feel the hours as they fly / I don't see the summer as it wanes / Just...
| 1907 visitas | 1 comentarios
Kings And Queens
/ long ago in days untold / were ruled by lords of greed / maidens fared with gold they dared / to bare their wombs that bleed / kings...
| 1294 visitas | 0 comentarios
Kings Horses
/ Jokers believe what they're told more or less / So pull up an armchair lets drink to success / Everyone laughed at the things...
| 906 visitas | 0 comentarios
Kings Of Medicine
They're pickin' up pieces of me, / While they're pickin' up pieces of you. / In a bag you will be, before the day is over. / Were...
| 1657 visitas | 0 comentarios
Tokio Hotel
Kings Of Suburbia
We are young / With open eyes / Blinded by / The citylights / Lose control / To feel alive / Just another day / In paradise / Diamond...
| 567 visitas | 1 comentarios
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