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Letras de canciones ordenadas alfabeticamente. En cada letra podrás ver también la biografía y discografía del interprete. Participa y escribe un comentario de tus letras preferidas.


I Care

I told you how your hurt me, baby, / But you don't care, / Now I'm crying and deserted, baby, / But you don't care, / Ain't nobody...

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I Care For U

I'm saying, I care but is like, you don't hear me / What more could I do? / Girl you can keep that, trying to make me jealous / I...

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The Offspring

I Choose

/ Look at me I'm fallin' / Off of a cliff now / I can still hear my mama yelling No No No / But the words mean nothing / Can't...

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Mandy Moore

I could break your heart any day of the week

I'll make this painless. / Try to be sweet. / I could break your heart any day of the week. / Squeeze life out of you. / Wrap...

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I Could Never Say Goodbye

Night has gone without my tears / Now I walk alone / You're no longer here / The days turn to years / I could never say goodbye / To...

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Lily Allen

I Could Say

I could say that I'll always be here for you / But that would be a lie and quite a pointless thing to do / I could say that...

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Annie Lennox

I Cover The Waterfront

Away from the city that hurts and mocks / I'm standing alone by the desolate docks. / In the still and the chill of the night. / I...

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I Cry

You said goodbye / I fell apart / I fell from all we had / To I never knew / I needed you so bad / You need to let things go / I...

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I Did It For You

Bryan: / Life without taking chances / Is no kind of love at all / You’ve got to stand up for something / Even if you might...

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Whitney Houston

I Didn't Know My Own Strength

I've been livin' with a heart on the mend / Wonderin' how will I ever be strong / I know I'll live to love again / I just leaned...

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