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Letra de Heat

Letra de la canción Heat interpreteda por Gloria Estefan


Letra de la canción Heat interpretada por Gloria Estefan. Este tema esta incluído en el disco Miss Little Havana
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Interprete: Gloria Estefan
Disco: Miss Little Havana

Letra de la canción:

As soon as you hear the music play

Something happens you can’t explain

And now you’re thinking why

Why’d it happen that way

As you’re dancing you look down and stare at your body

It’s so confusing you sip on your drink

Now you’re sweatin’ like everyone else at the party

But ecstasy ends quicker than you think

Much hotter than what you’re used to

Gotta let that conga move

Hot, like the summers in Cuba

Baby girl it’s up to you

And the mist machines feel like rain

To cool the heat - from salsa aches

Just let your spirit fly

It’s hot so dance on, diablo

C’mon now chica

Don’t keep it bottled

Not for mañana

A.k.a. tomorrow

C’mon candela

Uh, déjalo

Eres la estrella

Tonight’s your sueño

La canción Heat esta incluida en el disco Miss Little Havana de Gloria Estefan. Información y letras del disco.
La canción Heat esta en el disco Miss Little Havana de Gloria Estefan.
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