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Letra de G.U.Y.

Letra de la canción G.U.Y. interpreteda por Lady Gaga


Letra de la canción G.U.Y. interpretada por Lady Gaga. Este tema esta incluído en el disco ARTPOP
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Interprete: Lady Gaga

Letra de la canción:


Greetings from Himeros

God of sexual desire, son of Aphrodite

Lay back, and feast as this audio guides you through new and exciting positions

[Verse 1]

I wanna be the Girl Under You (oh yeah)

I wanna be your G.U.Y (yeah)

I wanna be the grave and earth you (oh yeah)

Our sexes tell us no lies


I'm gonna wear the towel, the power to leave you

I'm aiming for full control of this love (of this love)

Touch me, touch me, don't be sweet

Love me, love me, please retreat

Let me be the girl under you that makes you cry


I wanna be that guy (G.U.Y.)

I wanna be that guy (G.U.Y.)

I wanna be that guy (G.U.Y.)

The Girl Under you (GUY)

[Verse 2]

I'm gonna say the word

And own you

You'll be my (G.I.R.L)

Guy, I'm romance and love's to hold you

Know, you wear my make-up well




I don’t need to be on top

To know what it does him strong enough to know the truth

I just wanted to be hot

Because I’m best when I’m in love, and I’m in love with you

Guy, Why? (touch me touch me)

Guy, Why? (touch me touch me)

Guy, Why? (on top of me)

Guy, Why?

Touch me touch me, don’t be shy

I’m in charge like a G.U.Y

I lay down face up this time


La canción G.U.Y. esta incluida en el disco ARTPOP de Lady Gaga. Información y letras del disco.
La canción G.U.Y. esta en el disco ARTPOP de Lady Gaga.
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