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Letra de Down

Letra de la canción Down interpreteda por Eminem


Letra de la canción Down interpretada por Eminem. Este tema esta incluído en el disco Shady XV
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Interprete: Eminem
Disco: Shady XV

Letra de la canción:

These donuts are delicious... son of a bitch!

We got a 10-94 on Hines Road, requesting backup.

Repeat, 10-94 on Hines Road heading southbound. I'm in pursuit!

Pick up, pick up, daddy's in the pickup

Got so much bounce the kick drum give me the hiccups

You don't want it with me, sucker, just look up

Beer flyin' in this mothafucka like bird shit

Ran these Mickey Thompsons up on the curb, bitch

Crook as a picture on Sunday

My maniac Slumerican squad mount up around your Hyundai

Chevy's up, we got low lives and bow ties

Up shit's creek, I'll take you for a boat ride

Stick his head in the water, now let him flap his lips

Motormouth, make a wave, yeah, Roll Tide

You're playin' golf in lightning? So am I

Dressed in a tin man suit

Drinkin' a tin can too, that is 110 proof

Man if I only had a heart for you bitches

I'd get down on my knees and help you dig them ditches

But mama only raised Hell

So when you're done diggin' that ditch, bitch, bury yourself

Pass me that Colt 45

I'm partyin' 'til my fuckin' throat sore and dry


I'm goin' down

Aww man you gotta love it

I'm on my way

Hey mama, all around the town they're sayin'

"He's goin' down, Lord have mercy"

I'm country rich, no budget

Got to get paid

Hey daddy, all around the town they're sayin'

"He's goin' down, Lord have mercy"

You drivin' drunk, better lift your seat up

Cause cops pull us over just to fuckin' meet us

Cause Marshall's a Rap God, damn right

Well, then I guess that makes me Jesus

So turn this water to whiskey

Watch the dirty south go from dirty to filthy

High class only means stoned in school

Joints rolled up bigger than pony stool

Smoke, stains on the roof of the old Regal's brown

So what I got spokes on this bitch, and?

The lift kicks like climbin' into a spaceship

UFO's, unidentified flyin' Oldsmobiles

And mobile homes, amen

I can still smell the kerosene leakin'

I should've seen the signs, I was blowin' up

Either in a trailer home or a pickup

Hey, Bubba, your baby boy is in big trouble

I fuckin' ran through a briar patch and got cut up

Now I'm wide open in front of the whole town

I bled for the game, I guess it's obvious now

I'm goin' down now, he told me wear it with pride

You wanna take the hard road you gotta cherish the ride

Most mothafuckers won't jump to embarrass the fly

Can't build a legacy up, then let it perish and die


La canción Down esta incluida en el disco Shady XV de Eminem. Información y letras del disco.
La canción Down esta en el disco Shady XV de Eminem.
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