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Letra de Games

Letra de la canción Games interpreteda por Cher


Letra de la canción Games interpretada por Cher. Este tema esta incluído en el disco I Paralyze
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Interprete: Cher
Disco: I Paralyze

Letra de la canción:

I know you're a gamester

I'm the queen of spades

A ruler of hearts

Clash at the moon

I take my trips right from the start

I'm a sucker for love

Joker running wild

My heart it can break

Ooh it can break

Frail as a child


Whatever it is, it is

Whatever will be, it's gonna be

Whoever you are, you are

But those games that you play

Don't cha play'em with me

You're a visionary dreamer

Fool in a state, takes of chance

Love is a hazard, ooh such a hazard

When you flirt with romance

It's like shootin' the dice

Flip a coin in the air

You running on luck

Odds are against you

You're not playing fair


Stacking a deck, dealing the cards

Watch what you take

Standing on love

La canción Games esta incluida en el disco I Paralyze de Cher. Información y letras del disco.
La canción Games esta en el disco I Paralyze de Cher.
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