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Letra de Satellite

Letra de la canción Satellite interpreteda por Elton John


Letra de la canción Satellite interpretada por Elton John. Este tema esta incluído en el disco Ice on Fire
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Interprete: Elton John
Disco: Ice on Fire

Letra de la canción:

Well you come on like a comet, ideas in your head

Starving for affection, waiting to be fed

Crazy like a full moon, eyes open wide

Taking in everything you need to stay alive

Who leads who, who knows where

If you leave me now will I see you again

I'm telling you love bites

Like a satellite

Going round and round

It's something, something you can't fight

Oh in the daylight

And even in the dark night

I want you to surround me

Surround me like a satellite

Oh you move like a shadow of your own design

Do you want to trap me in between the lines

I don't walk on water if you think I can

If you want a miracle call up a Superman

Are we there

Is this love

Is this a space race

That we're both part of

La canción Satellite esta incluida en el disco Ice on Fire de Elton John. Información y letras del disco.
La canción Satellite esta en el disco Ice on Fire de Elton John.
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