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Letra de Strangeland

Letra de la canción Strangeland interpreteda por Green Day


Letra de la canción Strangeland interpretada por Green Day. Este tema esta incluído en el disco Kerplunk
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Interprete: Green Day
Disco: Kerplunk

Letra de la canción:

Looking at the clouds in the sky

floating image in my mind


Now I wonder where this place is from

Evidence is everywhere

I start to run, now I'm scared


Strange beings all around.

Everyone come to this place I've found

I'm feeling phyced

walking?wonder why

All my joys are open

No more crimes

My eyes are clear and now I'm cured

I only wanna be for sure



Get in my mind and you will find

Mother love from all mankind



La canción Strangeland esta incluida en el disco Kerplunk de Green Day. Información y letras del disco.
La canción Strangeland esta en el disco Kerplunk de Green Day.
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