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Letra de Lies

Letra de la canción Lies interpreteda por Rolling Stones


Letra de la canción Lies interpretada por Rolling Stones. Este tema esta incluído en el disco Some Girls
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Interprete: Rolling Stones
Disco: Some Girls

Letra de la canción:

Lies, dripping off your mouth like dirt

Lies, lies in every step you walk

Lies, whispered sweetly in my ear

Lies, how do I get out of here?

Why, why you have to be so cruel?

Lies, lies, lies I ain't such a fool!

Lies, lies in my papa's looks

Lies, lies in my history books

Lies, lies like they teach in class

Lies, lies, lies I catch on way too fast

Fire, fire upon your wicked tongue

Lies, lies, lies you're trying to spoil my fun

Lies, lies you dirty jezebel

Why, why, why, why don't you go to hell?

Why, why you think me such a fool?

Lies, lies, lies honey that's ya rules!

Lies, lies, lies, lies, oh my lies, ...

La canción Lies esta incluida en el disco Some Girls de Rolling Stones. Información y letras del disco.
La canción Lies esta en el disco Some Girls de Rolling Stones.
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