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Letra de Sexhibition

Letra de la canción Sexhibition interpreteda por Janet Jackson


Letra de la canción Sexhibition interpretada por Janet Jackson. Este tema esta incluído en el disco Damita Jo
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Interprete: Janet Jackson
Disco: Damita Jo

Letra de la canción:

I...cause I wanna sexplore you

I...put my hands up on you (babe)

I...wanna feel ur sexplosion

I.. and I'm gonna take you on a sexcapade


I don't have to figure out

What you are all about

Just to turn you out...oh

Give it to you


Never missing

What your wishing

I'll drive that ass crazy

It's so sensual


Just let Damita Jo...oh

What your wishing


If you listen

We'll be drippin?

I'll drop that ass

I...Feel the sexsation

I...Feel the pulse and vibration (babe)

I...Wanna little tastetation (babe)

I...No need for a sexplanation



There's nothing worse than a man out of touch

Let's fix this distance now between the two of us

So tempting

But you never knew I wanted you so much

So much

Chorus 2x


It's just sex

La canción Sexhibition esta incluida en el disco Damita Jo de Janet Jackson. Información y letras del disco.
La canción Sexhibition esta en el disco Damita Jo de Janet Jackson.
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