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Música: Letras de canciones

Letras de canciones ordenadas alfabeticamente. En cada letra podrás ver también la biografía y discografía del interprete. Participa y escribe un comentario de tus letras preferidas.

Phil Collins

Take Me In Your Arms (Rock Me A Little While)

I know you're leaving me behind / I'm seeing you, darling, for the very last time / Show a little tenderness before you go / Please...

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Franz Ferdinand

Take me out

/ So if you´re lonely / You know I´m here Waiting for you / I´m just a cross-hair / I´m just a shot away from you / And if...

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Annie Lennox

Take Me To The River

/ I don't know why I love you like I do / All the changes you put me through / Take my money, my cigarettes / I haven't seen...

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Jessica Simpson

Take My Breath Away

/ Watching every motion / In my fooish lover's game / On this endliss oean / Finally lovers know no shamw / Turning and returning...

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Simple Plan

Take My Hand

Hey Hey / Hey Hey / Sometimes I feel like everybody's got a problem / Sometimes I feel like nobody wants to solve them / I...

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Lily Allen

Take My Place

As I lay down on the bed / Try'na come to terms with what has just been said / I don't know where I should look or what to...

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Take That

Take That & Party

Come on, come on, come on, come on take that and party / Come on, come on, come on, take that: / Every part of you makes...

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Take This Chance

I am not afraid to let go, / Of what I have become / And everything that I knew before, / Is setting with the sun / And no,...

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Elton John

Take This Dirty Water

Spare the rod don't spare the fool / If you take the breaks you're given / You get to make the rules / Take a chance and make...

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Pink Floyd

Take Up The Stethoscope and Walk

/ I'm in bed, aching head / gold is red, choke I'm red / I'm the bread, gold is red / Jesus bled, pain is red / dark room...

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