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Letras de canciones ordenadas alfabeticamente. En cada letra podrás ver también la biografía y discografía del interprete. Participa y escribe un comentario de tus letras preferidas.

Los Fabulosos Cadillacs

Wake up and make love with me

Me desperté de un sueño celestial / con los ojos cerrados / yo te puedo ver igual / que linda está tu espalda / que lindo...

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The Cranberries

Wake Up And Smell The Coffee

/ I, I went to hell / I might as well / Learn by my mistakes / I at twenty-four / Was insecure / To whatever it takes / Come...

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Maroon 5

Wake Up Call

[Verse] / I didn’t hear what you were saying / I live on raw emotion baby / I answer questions, never maybe / And I’m not...

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Phil Collins

Wake Up Call

/ This is your wake up call... young hearts be free / Get up, get on, get out about and shout it / Tell 'em all you're...

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Katy Perry

Waking up in Vegas

You gotta help me out / It's all a blur last night / We need a taxi 'cause you're hung-over and I'm broke / I lost my fake I'd...

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Good Charlotte

Waldorf worldwide

/ / (You heard me) / Waldorf, Naptown, worldwide. What? / Come on, get up, get up, get up, come on / Yeah, break it break...

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Foo Fighters


A million miles away / Your signal in the distance / To whom it may concern / I think I lost my way / Getting good at starting...

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Everytime we walk / Down the moonlit mile / We don't have to walk / Down your company line / We got the wherewithal / To walk...

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Christina Aguilera

Walk Away

/ I was naive, your love was like candy / Artificially sweet, I was deceived by the wrapping, / Got caught in your web and...

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Franz Ferdinand

Walk away

/ I swapped my innocence for pride / Crushed the end within my stride / Said ´I´m strong now I know that I´m a leaver" / I...

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