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Letras de canciones ordenadas alfabeticamente. En cada letra podrás ver también la biografía y discografía del interprete. Participa y escribe un comentario de tus letras preferidas.


World that he wants

/ / Why does this man / Defy the storm and burn us all / Each time his hand waves / The sun it sets on lonely graves / Haven´t...

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Jonas Brothers

World War III

Yeah! / The time walked into the bedroom / You were visibly upset / Telling me I made a bad move / But I didn't do nothing / Our...

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Pearl Jam

World Wide suicide

I felt the earth on Monday / It moved beneath my feet / In the form of a morning paper / Laid out for me to see / Saw his face...

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World wide women

[Chorus:] / I´m a world wide woman WWW you can log on anywhere you´re girl can take you there. / World Wide Woman WWW you...

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Rolling Stones

Worried About You

/ Sometime I wonder why you do these things to me / Sometime I worry girl that you ain't in love with me / Sometime I stay...

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Jennifer Lopez

Worry No More

[Verse 1: Jennifer Lopez] / Do anything that you can to make me feel so protected / I don't wanna worry no more / I'd give anything...

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Simple Plan

Worst day ever

6 a.m. / The clock is ringing / I need to spend an hour snoozing / ´Cuz I don´t think I´m gonna make it / I punch in / I´m...

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Whitney Houston

Worth It

This is for the lovers / Holding hands in the car / This is for the lovers / No matter where you are / This is for you / It's...

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Pink Floyd

Wot's... Uh Deal

/ Heaven sent the promised land / looks alright from where I stand / ' cause I'm the man on the outside looking in / waiting...

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Elton John

Wouldn't Have You Any Other Way (NYC)

/ Wouldn't Have You Any Other Way (NYC) / Music by Elton John / Lyrics by Bernie Taupin / I remember it like it was yesterday / Snow...

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