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Letra de Family

Letra de la canción Family interpreteda por Bjork


Letra de la canción Family interpretada por Bjork. Este tema esta incluído en el disco Vulnicura
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Interprete: Bjork
Disco: Vulnicura

Letra de la canción:

Is there a place

Where I can pay respects

For the death of my family

Show some respect

Between the three of us

There is the mother and the child

Then there is the father and the child

But no man and a woman

No triangle of love

So where do I go

To make an offering

I fall on my knees

And lay my flowers

Burn incense

Light the candles

So where do I go

To make an offering

To mourn our miraculous


Father, mother, child

How will is sing us

Out of this sorrow

Build a safe bridge

For the child

Out of this danger


I raise a monument of love

There is a swarm of sound

Around our heads

And we can hear it

And we can get healed by it

It will relieve us from the pain

It will make us a part of

This universe of solutions

This place of solutions

This location of solutions

La canción Family esta incluida en el disco Vulnicura de Bjork. Información y letras del disco.
La canción Family esta en el disco Vulnicura de Bjork.
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