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Bad Guy
[Verse 1: Eminem] / It’s like I'm in the dirt, digging up old hurt / Tried everything to get my mind off you, it won’t...
| 538 visitas | 0 comentarios
Joss Stone
Bad Habit
You're my bad habit / I'm trying not to love you like I do / (It's no use, you know no use, you know there's no) / You're my...
| 797 visitas | 0 comentarios
The Offspring
Bad Habit
/ Hey man you know I'm really okay / The gun in my hand will tell you the same / But when I'm in my car / Don't give me no...
| 1166 visitas | 0 comentarios
Eric Clapton
Bad Influence
/ You use me to get you anything you wanted. / Oh, but I'm a changed man now, baby, / And your other friend can get you what...
| 979 visitas | 0 comentarios
Bad Influence
Alright sir / Sure I'll have another one its early / Three olives, shake it up, I like it dirty (dirty) / Tequila for my friend...
| 937 visitas | 0 comentarios
Lady Gaga
Bad Kids
We don't care what people say, we know the truth / Enough is enough of this horse shit / I am not a freak, I was / I'm a bitch,...
| 18972 visitas | 0 comentarios
Eric Clapton
Bad Love
/ Oh what a feeling I get when I'm with you / You take my heart into everything you do / And it makes me sad for the lonely...
| 1511 visitas | 0 comentarios
Bon Jovi
Bad Medicine - Mala Medicina
/ I ain't got a fever got a permanent disease / It'll take more than a doctor to prescribe a remedy / I got lots of money but...
| 1568 visitas | 0 comentarios
Guns N' Roses
Bad Obsession
/ I can't stop thinkin' / Thinking 'bout sinkin' / Sinkin' down into my bed / I call my mother / She's just a cunt now / She...
| 2043 visitas | 0 comentarios
Avril Lavigne
Bad reputation
I don't give a damn 'bout my reputation / You're living in the past it's a new generation / A girl can do what she wants to...
| 1217 visitas | 0 comentarios
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