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Kiss The Dirt (Falling Down The Mountain)
/ Playing in the dirt / We find the seeds of doubt / Don't water them with your tears / Don't think about all the years / You'd...
| 1473 visitas | 0 comentarios
James Blunt
Kiss this love goodbye
My one, true love, / You can guess what I've been thinking of? / God knows, we've tried / To stay together while our hearts...
| 1162 visitas | 0 comentarios
Scissor Sisters
Kiss You Off
You say you see what's under me / That the gloss has washed away / But you're the one whose colour's gone / From love to dirty...
| 876 visitas | 0 comentarios
Kisses Don't Lie
/ Kisses dont / No they dont / Never dont lie / You can run if you want but you cant hide / Tellin you its the truth dont you...
| 1272 visitas | 0 comentarios
George Michael
Kissing A Fool
/ You are far / when I could have been your star / you listened to people / who scared you to death / and from my heart / strange...
| 1493 visitas | 0 comentarios
/ Something / Is about to give / I can feel it coming / I think I know what it is / / I'm not afraid to die / I'm not afraid...
| 1909 visitas | 0 comentarios
Fabiana Cantilo
/ Ella me dejo y se fue con otro otra vez / a los quince años ya sabia que hacer / Kitty no me dejes por favor / Kitty siento...
| 2354 visitas | 0 comentarios
Kitty Kat
You know I hate sleeping alone / But you said that you would soon be home / But baby that was a long time ago / I’m not...
| 1421 visitas | 0 comentarios
Kitty Litter
The way you're dancing / Makes me come alive / Makes me shiver and perspire / Your surreptitious glancing / The way you crack...
| 2492 visitas | 0 comentarios
Bruce Springsteen
Kitty's Back
/ Catlong sighs holdin' Kitty's black tooth, / She left to marry some top cat, ain't it the cold truth, / And there hasn't...
| 888 visitas | 0 comentarios
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